Harry Hiccers Toy & Book Set

“What enormous animal was up
 here in the tree with me?”

Leaving a home where there were too many koalas on too few trees, Harry HiccersTM relocates with his family to the opposite scenario: a zoo with trees but no koalas. Even while hiding in the trees, watching from above, Harry can’t help but make new friends.  Can his appetite for eating foods beyond Eucalyptus, creating his hiccups, give him the courage to explore the new zoo?

The Harry Hiccers story A New Zoo captures kids' attention through the silly humor of hiccups, then offers suspense and intrigue as the  characters build a friendship. A great story for calming fears about the first day of school or moving to a new environment. All this happens in approximately 800 words.

From the creative writer Angela Larson and immensely talented illustrator Traci Dibble.

The 10-inch koala plush toy has sound! Squeeze his tail to hear one of 7 different 'hiccups' sounds, along with a "Pardon me", "Excuse me", "Sorry, mate" and "Whoopsie daisy"!  Not your average koala toy.

Book Details:

  • Flex-bound
  • 32 colorful pages
  • 1 full page of stickers
  • Beautifully illustrated in color
  • Dimensions 9x7x.25 inches
  • ISBN coded
  • Printed in China


Toy Details:

  • Super soft, Squeezable body
  • Hilarious; 7 different hiccup sounds
  • Gently squeeze tail to sound
  • Meets CPSIA Safety Standards
  • Made with all new safe materials
  • Plush dimensions 10x8x5 inches
  • Delivered with batteries (2AA, changeable)
  • Made in China
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