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Welcome to Zoo Tales! 
Did you know that a sneezing hippo, a koala with the hiccups or ..., um..., well..., a gassy elephant, can reach kids on a very personal level as they share their exploits in making friends!  As imperfect leaders in a diverse world Ben KaChoo, Harry Hiccers and Norman, there is no nice way to say it, PhartEphant, make friends, become explorers and share a few lessons, such as allergies, or exploring a new school, can be turned into an adventure!

The books and toys are sold separately to satisfy your specific gifting, or personal indulgence, needs.  The 10-inch toys are super-soft, cuddly and make sound!  The books are beautifully illustrated and have a full page of stickers. Pair the storybooks and toys for the ultimate in gift giving!!

These award winning products will create fun, silliness, and delight you in your adventure! 

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