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Frequently Asked Questions:


We ship everywhere!  The good old US Post Office & UPS Ground gets it there without costing an arm and a leg like the overnight carriers.  However, if you really want it overnight, that is an option at checkout. Shipping outside the U.S.? E-mail us for a price quote.

Shipping speed

Generally, all items are shipped within 24 hours of payment confirmation and the USPS/UPS Ground delivers in 2-6 days. If you need overnight, you can choose that wonderfully expensive option at checkout.


Payment Methods

Any major credit card may be used for purchases. You do not need to have a PayPal account, although PayPal is our processing system. Select "Proceed to Checkout" from the cart to be lead through the secure purchasing process.



Fierce Fun Toys, LLC is actively recruiting specialty retailers. If interested, please contact  You won't find our toys at the Big Box retailers like Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, K-Mart!  We like to shop our specialty stores and made a conscious business choice to support them.


Safety Standards

Fierce Fun Toys, LLC is dedicated to safety and as such we have made sure that our products adhere to CPSIA standards. We designed our books and toys not only for you, but for our children too!


Minimum Orders/Volume Discounts

You may order just one PhartEphant®, or many if you have friends!  If you are ordering more than a dozen, send us a note first.


How long does it take for you to respond to an email?

We do our best to respond within 24 hours and email is the surest way to receive a response. But, we do like to play with the kids and occasionally chose to "unplug", so you may receive a note that we’ll be out until a specific date.


Privacy Policy

Ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us. We don't like spam or unsolicited phone calls either! The personal information you provide to us in your account for checkout is maintained in private files on our secure web server and our internal systems, if we even bother to keep it.


To Clean

Due to the sound electronics, PhartEphant® can NOT be machine washed. Spot treat the surface with mild soap & water. Allow toy to air dry and brush gently.


Why is the name of your company Fierce Fun Toys, LLC?

We wanted name that captured our spirit of having fun, and not being bashful about it. Our first toy, Norman PhartEphant®, we  represent a pursuit of wild, silly fun for the young or old, but also a message about taking life on at the fullest and appreciating others. We appreciated humor in a fierce way, including bodily noises. If you don't get it, hopefully some day you will. And our line expansions may finally hit upon a toy that tickles your fancy, funny bone, or sound like someone you know! 


You have iApps?

Amazing really, but YES.  Have your kids read on the iPhone or iPad while you travel, transit, or lounge about! However, you should know we are an app within an app.  And you thought you'd heard of everything!  iVerse Media offers an app called Comics+ which is free.  Once you have the app, check out their library which includes not only our stories (search Fierce Fun Toys), but also some of the greatest comic books ever written.  Our initial Norman story is free, the rest of the series is at minimal cost ($0.99 each) and will expand over time!

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