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Our tale…

One fateful morning when Angela Larson, Founder & Chief Story Teller, was suddenly struck with a thought during her morning shower, “This can’t be all there is.  I’m starting my own company!” … And Fierce Fun Toys, LLC was founded.


Why? Because three competing forces had been swirling within her: an entrepreneurial passion for business which was burning while working on Wall Street, a desire to contribute more to the world, and a growing sense of creativity.  These forces united and found focus in  creating Fierce Fun Toys, starting with Norman PhartEphant® —a farting plush toy that capture one’s sense of silly!


Norman PhartEphant™ has transformed from an idea to a cuddly toy and a story about family structure, geographic and cultural exploration, cultural inclusion and making friends even though one has an unusual "issue" in full, public display. One toy, one story, was not enough.  More stories and toys followed, each teaching a new lesson, some reflecting the events in the founders’ life. As the entrepreneurial spirit took flight and creativity exploded, it was time to release the idea of Fierce Fun Toys, LLC on the unsuspecting public.


But seriously, beyond bringing humor and big messages to growing minds, Fierce Fun Toys, LLC is a philanthropic for-profit company that donates a portion of our proceeds to a few amazing charities that help children everywhere, including Half the Sky, which supports orphans in China, and The Smile Train, helping children with cleft lip/palette worldwide. It is at the core of our mission.


We know we can't help everyone, but
that won't stop us from trying to help someone!

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