Norman PhartEphant - A New Day

“Farts sneak up on me,

  when I least expect it.”


Norman PhartEphantTM is a young African elephant adopted by a U.S. zoo, and the change in diet does not sit well.  He becomes a very gassy pachyderm.  Although gassy, Norman explores his new home: intrigue and suspense build as he meets his neighbor, making a new friend.


The Norman PhartEphant collection of stories captures kids' attention through the silly humor of farts, and then seizes the moment to teach a bit of geography, cultural exploration and the joy of friendship. All this and more in less than 695 words each.


From Angela Larson writer of many humorous parenting articles and wonderfully talented illustrator Kenny Durkin comes Norman PhartEphant series.

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$ 4.95   


  • Flex-bound
  • 32 colorful pages
  • 1 full page of stickers
  • Beautifully illustrated in color
  • Dimensions 9x7x.25 inches
  • ISBN coded
  • Printed in China
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